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Understanding Partitions

A Partition is the representation of a Facilitator’s portfolio on the Payrix platform, housing all Referrers, Merchants, and Users data, Host settings, and other platform-wide settings. Partitions are used by the platform to create structured distinctions between various payment facilitator businesses.

Partitions can be further divided into Divisions, to create strategic separations for individual Referrer portfolios, offering each Referrer the capability to apply their whitelabel configurations and Merchant boarding automation individually.

Tip: Payrix itself is a Partition and can board Referrers directly to the Platform, enabling them to board Merchants under their whitelabeled Division.

Warning: Only Payrix can create new Partitions. Partitions are only created as new Premium Partners joining the Payrix Platform as Facilitators. If you would like to become a Payrix Premium Partner, you can schedule a demo with our Sales team to explore our offering and how to get started.

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