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Understanding Discrepancies in Disbursement Amounts

When dealing with withdrawal disbursements in the Portal, it’s essential to be aware of potential discrepancies that may arise between expected and actual disbursement amounts. These variations can be attributed to several factors within the system:

Available Balance Constraints

If the available balance is less than 1 cent, it may result in a discrepancy in the disbursement amount.

Risk Parameters

Risk parameters set by you or your parent entity may prevent the full disbursement amount from being processed, contributing to differences in expected and actual amounts.

Withdrawal Schedule Considerations

Both Withdrawal Schedule Types (Percentage & Actual) as well as Float parameter settings below 100% can affect the disbursement amount.

Negative Entry Events

Events like chargebacks, authorizations, and payout fees occurring between the disbursement request and processing can lead to discrepancies.

Not Disbursed

Certain Interchange Fees that amount to less than a full cent ($0.01) will be displayed under Not Disbursed on a Disbursement Summary, as an undisbursed amount rollover.

Refund Status Changes

Changes in refund status during disbursement processing may impact the final disbursed amount.

Understanding these potential causes of discrepancies is vital for effective disbursement management within the Payrix platform. By being aware of these factors, users can proactively address issues and ensure accurate disbursement processing and reconciliation.

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