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April 2023 Release Notes


New Features

  • Transactions listed in the Portal now have the ability to be filtered between Card-Present and Card-Not-Present Transactions for quick visibility.

  • Merchants using the Quick Charge feature now have the ability to add and view an ‘Order Number’ field for the transaction type.

    • Note: This feature is only available upon request. Contact your Relationship Manager to activate.

  • Fees now contain a description field that allows Partners to easily view the trigger/reason for the fee from their overall Fees page list.

  • Merchant Document Download option is now available in the Merchant Profile page for US and Canadian Merchants to be able to download .pdf versions of:

    • All platform contracts (with sensitive info masked).

    • A copy of their Signup Form

    • A copy of their Merchant Terms and Conditions

    • A copy of Bank Disclosures

  • Invoices now contain an eCommerce Disclosure fields for it’s portfolio Merchants that allows Partners to link their own software systems or terms within all invoices.

  • Chargeback options now include responses to Pre-Arbitration steps from an issuer for more streamlined dispute management and include a disclaimer notification for easy visibility.

  • Partners can now dynamically rearrange dashboard panels for a customized Dashboard view.


  • The ‘Sales & Refunds’ graph on the Portal Dashboard has been upgraded to include an additional axis to display the number of transactions vs dollar amount, a legend to easily identify metric lines, and a further date visibility to see Year-over-Year (YoY) and Week-over-Week (WoW) refunds and transactions.

  • The ‘Sales & Refunds’ graphs have been separated on the Risk Underwriting page to more clearly provide a bigger picture of a Merchants activities.

  • Merchant Risk Profile overview section has been updated to display Flag for Next-Day / Same Day Funding info, Merchant Website, and Owner Details at a glance.

  • (US Only) Merchant Risk Profile has been updated to include view-only LexisNexis smart cards that allow easy visibility into key underwriting information.

  • The Request More Info page:

    • now allows listing a sort by Status.

    • now provides a new popup that displays a Document Successfully Submitted when new documents are submitted.

  • The Merchant Risk Profile:

    • ‘reason' field under flagged has been renamed to ‘subdecisions’ for clear data management.

    • has been updated with a ‘Notes’ and ‘Transactions’ tab at the bottom to allow Risk Analysts to quickly view lists of all associated notes about the Merchant and transactions by the Merchant.

    • ‘View Requirements’ smart card has been streamlined to only display 'flagged results’ first and then more info upon clicking a listed result.

    • headings have been updated to condense less frequently needed information into an expandable panel for easier viewing.

    • Bridger smart card has been updated to clarify conflicts with alert or clear icons and Citizenship, Gender and ID fields to give the smart card a cleaner layout.

  • The ‘Refund’ button available for individual transactions has been updated to follow user role access to prevent bad actors and accidental clicks by most users from issuing unauthorized refunds.

  • Invoices have been updated to automatically display the regional currency (CAD or USD) based on the location of the Partner or Merchant.

  • Signup Form hover-over descriptions have been updated for the ‘Average Transaction Amount’ and ‘Annual Processing Volume’ fields to more clearly explain the purpose of the fields.

  • The Signup Form PDF download has been modernized to include a cleaner layout and more concise, interactive fields for faster fill-out.

  • Web Alerts have been updated to include a new entities resource that allows Partners to receive web notifications when Merchants complete their signup form.

  • The Transactions and Transactions Risk pages have been updated to allow Returns and Chargebacks to display their “Reason” or “Category” for YTD, MTD, 30 day and daily ranges in an expandable section for better visibility into Merchant issues.

  • Chargebacks have now been updated to include the ability for Merchants to respond to Fraud-related chargebacks.

  • The Transactions, Merchant Profile, and Transactions Risk pages have been updated to allow rolling date range selections and quickly display Rejects (Returns) and Disputes (Chargebacks) in the ‘Funds Snapshot’ smart card.

  • Dispute messages have been updated to limit the number of characters in the response to 750 to allow easier transmission of the data.

  • Login-As features has been upgraded to include access controls for parent users to prevent unnecessary users from being able to Login to portfolio Merchant Portal accounts.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where refreshing the Related Transactions list caused a display of duplicate information, rather than the new transactions related to the payment method.

  • Issue resolved where the Facilitator’s Settled Transactions chart would not update if a date range was changed.

  • Issue resolved where Canadian Merchant Portals displayed USD currency by default.


New Features

  • Custom ‘discretionary’ fields have been added to the Transaction Details report to allow optional custom information to be passed for transaction detail information.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Statement Entries Reports would timeout in the Portal before generating the report.


New Features

  • VAP Connection now offers a ‘refresh’ option to more easily re-establish timed out connections rather than issuing a new connection entirely.

  • Chargeback API now pushes error messages directly to the Portal for quick visibility.

  • Client IP now passes through with API calls to quickly retrieve for fraud/risk auditing purposes.


  • Open batching has been improved to include only open transactions to drastically reduce batch closing times.

  • Merchant creation (POST /merchants) now generates a hold record to track risk decisions for merchants for future review.

  • Member [sub-merchant] creation (POST /members) requires a phone validation for enhanced security.

Resolved issues

  • Issue resolved where GET /credentials wouldn’t return the password field when querying.

  • Issue resolved where default currency would default to USD for Canadian merchants.

  • Issue resolved where Express Batch Close time and method would not refresh the Merchant update flow.

Payrix Mobile SDKs


  • Version 3.0.16 (EMV Certified)

    • Exposed the Cancel Transaction function in SDK. Note: Cancel only works when the device is waiting for the card to be presented as a Tap, Chip Insert, or Swipe. The SDK ignores all other Cancel requests once the card is presented.


  • Version 3.0.15 (EMV Certified)

    • Resolved the issue for ReverseAuth occuring when Payrix API does not handle Tag 8A length correctly.

    • Resolved decoding when a field can be presented as both Integer or String.


Verifone - Version 1.0.7

  • Revision to fix defect of crashing on amounts greater than $1,000

  • Added Enhanced Logging for problem determination.

  • Employed new internal 4 node version numbering required by Verifone.

PAX - Version 2.1.6

  • Enhanced Logging to locate any complex issues or incomplete transactions. The logs (Type: LogCat) can be pulled using the PAX estate manager.


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