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Color Themes (F)

The Color Themes page contains a a configurable color scheme that will be part of the user interface that you see when you or a customer log in to the portal.

Note: Changing the color will impact the whole portal. All users that use the portal will see the new color.

Navigate to the Color Themes page by clicking Settings in the left hand navigation panel, and then clicking Color Themes in the Business Settings section.

View of the Color Themes page, including the Primary Color Table.

Color Themes Feature

Payrix’s default color theme is hex color code c351e8. To change the color theme, click the PENCIL icon in the right side of the table to open the Color Themes lightbox. Select a new color using the color display or by entering a hex color code into the search bar. Click SAVE to save the new color, or discard your changes and return to the previous page by clicking CANCEL.

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