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eCheck & ACH Payments

Accept eCheck and ACH payments on the Portal or using the Payrix API.

Payrix provides tools that make it easy for merchants to accept eCheck and ACH payments. Payrix’s solution is easy to implement and reduces associated risks. This page provides details about the eCheck/ACH options provided by Payrix. The following resource provides details for merchants using Payrix’s eCheck feature:

The Payrix platform’s standard processing time is 5 business days, which ensures the payment is fully funded before disbursing the funds to your client. To improve merchant cashflow, Payrix’s eCheck/ACH solution supports pre-funding merchants for eCheck payments that are still processing. Pre-funding options are available based on a business case and risk approval basis.

Currently, our customers can process eCheck transactions via the following methods:

  • In the Portal & via Quick Charge - Easily toggle between accepting card and ACH transactions directly within the Portal. To complete this process, locate Quick Charge or the expanded payment fields in the Portal, and select eCheck Sale from the Transaction Type dropdown menu (by default, this field is set to Sale).

    Quick Charge:

    Expanded payment fields:

  • Direct API - Submit eCheck transactions directly via our API using the account/routing information and first name of the bank account holder to the /txns endpoint.

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