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Referrer Quickstart Guide

Get up and running quickly by following the simple guided steps below.

  1. Create a Sandbox Referrer Account

  2. Obtain your API key

    1. Sandbox Portal

    2. Navigate to Settings

    3. Select API Key

    4. Generate a new private key

  3. Submit a test payment via Payfields


Payrix Pro Clients can use this Implementations guide to understand the steps involved in getting started with their Payrix integration, from learning and testing basic Payrix Portal & API functionality in sandbox to going live with their integration.

In addition to the steps and resources highlighted in this guide, the following API documentation resources are available for reference when using the Payrix API:

Pro Client Implementation Steps

Review the Scope of Work

Ahead of the Implementations kickoff call, Pro Clients must complete the Scope of Work form. The Scope of Work will be reviewed with the Payrix project manager during the kickoff call.

For more information on the Scope of Work, review the Referrer Pre-Implementation resource.

Sign Up for Sandbox

After reviewing the Scope of Work during the kickoff call, Pro Clients will have access to a Payrix sandbox account to become familiar with the Payrix Portal & API. The Sandbox testing environment mirrors the experience in the live production space and allows clients to test the integrations before they are released to merchants on the go-live date.

For more information on Sandbox, review the Getting Started with Sandbox Testing resource.

Submit a White Label Request & Logos

After a Pro Client has signed up for the sandbox environment, the client should next submit a request for white-labeling or customized branding and send their implementation engineer their logos.

For more information on white label requests and logos, review the White Label and Customized Branding resource.

Create a Production Account

After a Pro Client has submitted their white label request and logos, the client should next create a production account from their sandbox account.

Perform Sandbox End-to-End Testing

After a Pro Client has created a Production Account within sandbox, the client should next begin sandbox end-to-end testing, including testing the following items:

Clients should submit the to confirm that they have met all testing requirements.

Provide Boarding & Processing Requirements

After a Pro Client has completed sandbox end-to-end testing, the client should next provide boarding and processing requirements.

Provide Proof of Risk Requirements

After a Pro Client has provided boarding and processing requirements, the client should next provide proof of risk requirements by sending screenshots to the Payrix team.

Provide Partner Live-Testing Instruction

After a Pro Client has provided proof of their risk requirements, the implementation engineer will live-testing instruction. The client should complete this Live Testing Instructions Form ahead of live testing:  

Perform Production End-to-End Testing

After a Pro Client has received live-testing instructions, the client can perform production end-to-end testing.

Portal Training

After a Pro Client has completed production end-to-end testing, the client can begin portal training.

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