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Recurring Payments (F)

The Recurring Payments page shows information about recurring payments submitted by your merchants which occur through subscriptions or other repeated periodic transactions.

Navigate to the Recurring Payments page by clicking RECURRING PAYMENTS under Payments in the left hand navigation panel.

Partial view of the Recurring Payments page showing the Recurring Payments Table and Table Customization Options.

Recurring Payments Features

Click here to view the features of the Recurring Payments page.

Recurring Payments Table

Locate individual recurring payments in the main table on the Recurring Payments page. Individual recurring payments are listed by row. The default view includes the following columns:

Recurring Payments Table Column Name



The customer ID from your merchant.


Active or Inactive. Hover over the icon to view details about the status.


The total dollar amount of the recurring payment.


How often the recurring payment occurs.


The date that the first payment was made.


The date of the last scheduled payment.


The name of the merchant collecting the payments.

Arrow Icon

When selected, the grey triangle expands the row to display additional information about the recurring payment.

Recurring Payments Table Actions

The Recurring Payments table supports the following actions:

  • View additional details for a specific payment by clicking the row in the Recurring Payments table.

  • Access the Subscription Details page by clicking any information for an individual payment in the table.

  • Load additional transactions to your Recurring Payments History Table by clicking SHOW MORE RESULTS at the bottom of the table.

Recurring Payments Table Customization Options

You can customize your view using the options found at the top of the table. View the Table Search and Sort Instructions for instructions on customizing, sorting, or searching tables.

Expand the section below to view a complete list of the data that you can display on the Recurring Payments table:

Click here to view the Recurring Payments Table customizations.
  • Plan Data

    • Amount

    • Schedule

    • Plan ID

    • Description

    • Plan status

    • Plan name

    • Schedule

    • Factor

  • Subscription Data

    • Start

    • Finish

    • Subscription ID

    • Date Created

    • Created by

    • Date Modified

    • Modified By

    • Descriptor

    • Max. Consecutive Failures

    • Consecutive Failures

    • Inactive Tax

  • Entity Data

    • Merchant Entity ID

    • Login ID

    • Parameters ID

    • Type

    • Address

    • City

    • State

    • Zip

    • Country

    • Phone

    • Fax

    • Email

    • Website

    • EIN

    • Currency

    • Status

    • Custom TIN Status

  • Merchant Data

    • Merchant ID

    • DBA - Statement Descriptor

    • MCC

    • Date Created

    • Created by

    • Date Modified

    • Modified By

    • Date Boarded

    • Last Transaction Date

    • Date Established

    • Annual Card Sales

    • Boarding Status

    • Amex Status

    • Discover Status

    • Status

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