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Release Notes - September 22, 2023

Portal (Version 24.23.0)

New Features

  • A new “Advanced Search” has been added to the Payment History page to allow quicker search by Date and timeframe windows “greater” or 'less” than.

  • The Banking tab of the Merchant Profile now requires Merchants to submit a note with supporting documentation uploads to give underwriters quicker visibility into the context of the documentation being uploaded.


  • The creation flow on the Automated Decisions page and sub-menus of the Portal has been updated to provide a new setup wizard-style interface for streamlined setup including an “Add Decision” link allowing previously created decisions to be factored into the if/then logic of the new risk Decision being created.

  • New Automated Decisions may now be linked to an existing decision in the Decisions tab of the Group Profile.

  • Automated Decisions now allow the addition of Conditional Rules for very specific additional rulesets from the Decisions tab of the Group Profile.

  • “Deposit Summary” has been renamed to “Daily Balance” for better clarity and understanding of account funds.

  • The Risk Management page now displays attribute errors with an expanded Results Summary showing why something was flagged, allowing underwriters to validate the account by requesting information.

  • Required notes have been added to the Risk Alert setup to record the setup and detail why a new Risk Alert has been enabled.

  • The Merchant Risk Management Details page has been updated with various formatting improvements to the Risk Rating and Exposure Smart Card (formerly Projected Exposure and Risk Rating) for quicker visibility into the AML score, projected exposure, and the risk severity level with associated color coding.

  • The Risk Management tab displaying Transactions has been updated to allow view changes to toggle the amount of visible features and capabilities specific user roles will have.

  • The Risk Management tab displaying Merchants has been updated to allow sorting by Risk Level parameter (gathered via “Verification Reference” call to retrieve a “Policy Run” status) displayed as High Med Low or Null

  • The Monthly Statements page has been updated to display the following values in the generated and listed data: Chargeback Wins, eCheck Returns, Fees Summary, Daily Balance (formerly Deposit Summary), [Card] Processing Summary, [Card] Processing Fees, Interchange Fees, and “Other” Fees.

  • The Change Request page has been updated with various UI improvements including a link directly to the user requesting a bank account change, a reorganization of Decline “Reason Types” to display in logical order, and a filter that automatically sorts any user-deleted Bank Account Change Requests into a separate list under a “Deleted” button to allow for easier navigation of outstanding Change Requests.

  • The Disputes page UI has been updated to show stages of the dispute that have not been reached as “greyed out” and inactive in the Dispute tracker.

  • The Disputes page Dispute tracker has been updated to display “Decision” instead of “Stage” in the final decision as well as the result, such as “Decision: Lost”.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where both Fraudpoint and Emailage Smart Card detail pages would open simultaneously instead of individually when clicked on the Merchant Risk Management Details page.

API (Version 23.20.2)

New Features

  • A new ETF translator has been implemented to support payout instructions for Canada Vendor Payouts via Credit or Debit.


  • Canada Vendor Payout has been updated to allow the creation of disbursement via /disbursementRefs record trigger configurations.

  • WORLDPAY has been added to the list of valid values available for the platform parameter within /payouts, /disbursements, and /disbursementRefs endpoint requests for one-time/single payouts.

  • Bank Account Change Requests now mask specific fields (routing and account number for example) to non-authorized users for an additional layer of security. Card numbers always be masked regardless of the user's role or access level.

  • Bank Account Change Requests now contain an entityId parameter to offer more visibility into the hierarchy of the entity requesting the change.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where disputes would not properly translate from the Worldpay processor into the Payrix Portal due to a discrepancy in reason code formatting.

  • Issue resolved where chargeback cycle steps and statuses would not match between the WorldPay processor and Payrix Portal due to errors during CHARTS file imports.

  • Issue resolved where Real-Time-Refund transactions would not properly batch with other transactions for final settlement, allowing edits or updates to be made while in a batch.

  • Issue resolved where /valueAddedServices would not properly display a Merchant’s active status for Value Added Services as changed to enabled.

  • Issue resolved where EntityRoutes would not allow parallel batch processing jobs on any platform, and the resource has been added to the VANTIV processor flow.

  • Issue resolved where the net total for batched transactions would be calculated before completion of batch file preparation, and intermittently remove transactions from a batch, causing a mismatch in the the net total.

  • Issue resolved where various errors were returned while attempting to test the enablement of OmniToken and SaferPayments.



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