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Release Notes - September 29, 2023

Portal (Version 24.24.0)

New Features

  • The Referrer Profile page now allows the enablement of Revenue Sharing between Referrers and Facilitators which displays a tabbed breakdown of all Revenue Sharing splits from each source, such as credit card transaction fees, ACH transaction fees, Value Added Services fees, and other fees.

  • The Settings page now displays a Revenue Share enablement switch in the Whitelabel section to allow the feature to be turned on for Referrers.

  • OneTrust Configuration setup for the Canadian Portal to align with compliance standards of cookie disclosures for Canadian privacy law CCPA / PIPEDA.

  • Using the Revenue Sharing page, new events added to a bucket can be edited as the existing records to create the split for the new event. \to see what fee is in the bucket prior to setting up revenue share as a Facilitator.


  • The Mastercard MATCH Risk Smart Card has been updated with National Tax ID, Rep National ID, and Termination Reason Code to streamline underwriting.

  • The Login tab of the User Profile page now displays a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Type field to display whether the user has enrolled in SMS or Authenticator App type.

  • The Merchant Applications Smart Tile title on the Dynamic Dashboard has been updated to “Merchant Applications, Last 7 Days”.

  • The Chargeback Rate Smart Tile has been updated to have the ability to display numbers less than 1% to help reconcile more accurately.

  • The Refunds tab of the Automated Decisions page for Merchants (accessible by Referrers and Facilitators) now opens automatically when a "Return"-triggered decision.

  • The Business Registration Number (BRN) shown on the Canadian Merchant signup form now displays a hover-over message indicating that the number can be 9 or 10 digits in some cases.

  • Referrers and Facilitators now have the ability to sort their Risk Management page listings by “Low”, “Medium”, or “High” risk level to more quickly identify high-priority risk issues.

  • Merchants listed on the Risk Management page now redirect to their Underwriting profile when clicked.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where express batch close time would change to a different time if the user clicked “Cancel” when updating, instead of reverting to the original time that was being changed.

  • Issue resolved where the Emailage Risk Smart Card would not properly populate all of the expected data.

  • Issue resolved where the Merchant Account Locations Risk Smart Card would display a blank square instead of the intended Merchant address within embedded Google Maps.

  • Issue resolved where using the Disputes tracker would mistakenly display a status flag of “Closed” when it should display as “In Review”.

  • Issue resolved where the Pending Merchants Smart Tile on the Dynamic Dashboard would erroneously display a link icon that redirected to a page that is no longer active

  • Issue resolved where the Current Open Disputes Smart Tile on the Dynamic Dashboard would not display its tile title.

  • Issue resolved where using the Disputes tracker would mistakenly display a “Respond” button when there is no action that can be taken during that step of a dispute.



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