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Risk Management (M)

The Risk Management page allows you to review transactions that have been held due based on our risk analysis. Sub-merchants (merchants housed under your primary account) and transactions are analyzed for risk mitigation before approval, and non-compliant submissions trigger alerts that cause the merchant or transaction to be held pending approval. Note that held merchants will be unable to access portal functions, and held transactions will not be processed.

On the Risk Management page, you can view a downloadable list of held merchants or transactions, access details about their risk factors, and approve or reject them.

Tip: For more information on risk management, view the Using the Risk Management page.

Navigate to the Risk Management page by clicking Risk in the Admin category of the left-hand navigation panel.

View of the Risk Management page.

Risk Management Features

Click here to view the features of the Risk Management page.

Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab contains a table of your merchants' transactions that are held for risk factors, and reaction buttons to categorize flagged transactions based on their status. The table includes the following information in the default view:

Transactions Risk Table Column Name



The reason that the transaction was flagged as a potential risk.

Risk Score

The transaction risk score, which is calculated as the sum of individual risk weights. For more information visit the Transaction Risk Score page.


The total dollar amount of the transaction.


The date that the transaction was created.

Cardholder Name

The name of the card holder associated with the transaction customer.


The name of the Merchant that processed the transaction.


The date that the transaction was flagged as a potential risk.

Transactions Tab Actions

The Transactions tab supports the following actions: change status, batch actions, change view, and access more information.

To change the status of a transaction, click the THREE DOTS icon on the right side of the table. Select from the following:

  • Send to Reserve: Funds for the transaction are sent to a reserve balance for the merchant, either as a percentage or the total amount of the transaction. The reserve funds will be released at a later date following Risk monitoring.

  • Approve: Approve the transaction and release any held amounts from reserve.

  • Mark as Reviewed: indicate that you have reviewed the transaction but have not released it from being held.

To perform batch actions, click the CHECK BOX icon on the right side of the table to select the merchants, then click the BATCH ACTIONS button at the top of the table. You can select from the following actions: Send to Reserve, Approve, Mark as Reviewed, or Void Transaction.

To view a subset of transactions by status, click the status buttons at the top left-hand side of the table. Choose from Open, Reviewed, Approved, or Blocked.

To access more information about a specific flagged transaction, open the Transaction Risk Management Details page.

Customize Your Transactions Risk Alerts Tables

You can customize your view using the options found at the top of the table. View the Table Search and Sort Instructions for instructions on customizing, sorting, or searching tables.

Expand the section below to view a complete list of the data that you can display on the Transactions Tab table:

Click here to view the Transactions Tab table customizations.

Risk Data

  • Flagged

Transaction Data

  • TXN ID

  • Date Created

  • Created by

  • Date Modified

  • Modified By

  • Subscription Type

  • Currency

  • Platform

  • Captured

  • Description

  • Tax

  • Total

  • Status

  • Approved

  • Card

  • Refunded

  • Referrer

Entity Data

  • Entity ID

  • Login ID

  • Parameters ID

  • Type

  • Name

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Country

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • Email

  • Website

  • EIN

  • Currency

  • Status

  • Custom

Merchant Data

  • Merchant ID

  • DBA - Statement Descriptor

  • MCC

  • Date Created

  • Created by

  • Date Modified

  • Modified By

  • Date Boarded

  • Last Transaction Date

  • Date Established

  • Status

Customer Data

  • Name

  • Address

  • City

  • Zip

  • State

  • Country

  • Phone

  • Email

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