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Use Case: Create a One-Time Invoice

You can create and send an invoice to a single customer for a specific transaction in the portal, and edit or resend that invoice as needed. This tutorial walks you through the steps to create a one-time invoice and send it to your customer.

Partial view of the Invoices page.


Create a new invoice for one-time use by one of your customers.


  • Merchants


  • Portal (Sandbox)

  • Portal (Production)



  • You must have a fully boarded Merchant account to perform any of the actions described in this use case guide.

  • You must have an item listed on your Products page that you can enter into the form. To learn how to create a new item, visit the Add a New Product (Item) page.


Tips will provide suggestions to streamline or better prepare you to apply this use case tutorial.

Tip: This guide explains how to create an invoice that can be paid once, and cannot be re-used for repeat payments or multiple customers.

  • To create a payment form that can be used multiple times or by more than one customer, see the instructions on the Create a Static Payment Page guide.

Create a One Time Invoice

1. Access the Invoices Page

Click INVOICES under the Forms category in the left-hand navigation panel to open the Invoices page.

2. Create a New Invoice

  • Step 1: Click the ADD INVOICE button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to open the Create Invoice page.

  • Step 2: Enter the invoice title and optional invoice information.

  • Step 3: Click the Due Date drop-down and select the invoice due date.

  • Step 4: Click the Send On drop-down and choose when to share the invoice with the customer.

  • Step 5: Choose the acceptable payment methods by clicking the Acceptable Payment drop-down. Note that by default the invoice is set to accept all payment methods.

  • Step 6: Enter the customer information. For new customers, enter the customer’s first name, last name, and email address.

  • Step 7: Enter the information about the item or service sold under the invoice, including the item name, quantity, price, and optional discounts.

  • Step 8 (Optional): Add customer billing address information by clicking the ARROW icon next to the Billing Address at the bottom of the form. Enter the information in the open fields that appear.

  • Step 9: Click SAVE AND SEND to send the invoice and/or save it to your account to share it manually.

Result: The invoice is sent to any customer email address included in the form, and it appears in the table on your Invoices page.

3. Resend or Edit the Invoice (Optional)

To resend or edit the invoice you created, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click INVOICES under the Forms category in the left-hand navigation panel to open the Invoices page.

  • Step 2: Locate the new invoice in the Invoices page table.

  • Step 3: Click on the invoice information to open the Invoice Details page.

  • Step 4: To resend an invoice, click SEND in the Action Panel at the bottom of the page. The invoice is automatically sent to all email addresses in the form.

  • Step 5: To edit the invoice, click the PENCIL icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page and edit any information. Click the CHECKMARK icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page when you are done editing. If any customer emails are specified in the invoice, they will receive an updated copy of it.

Next Steps

Once the invoice is created, review the following guides for additional information on related topics:


The invoice is saved in your Portal account and shared with any customer email addresses that you included when you created or edited the form.


Click the links or items below to access any of the following pages:

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