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VAR Sheets (F)

Value-Added Reseller Sheets, also known as VAR Sheets, are files that contain information about a business which is used by the payment processing system. On the VAR Sheets page, you can download available VAR sheets for your account and view a history of previously downloaded VAR sheets.

Note: For more information about VAR Sheets, view the VAR Sheet Request and VAR Sheet Generation pages.

Navigate to the VAR Sheets page by clicking Settings in the left hand navigation panel, and then clicking VAR Sheets in the Business Settings section.

View of the VAR Sheets page, including the VAR Sheets Selection and Download History Sections.

VAR Sheets Features

Click here to view the features of the VAR Sheets page.

VAR Sheets Selection

The Var Sheets Selection section displays a drop down menu with all available VAR Sheets for your merchants. Select the merchant you want to download a VAR Sheet for and then click MERCHANT TERMINALS to generate the file for download.

Note: If the merchant has not been properly boarded or is in Sandbox with no transactions, they may not have a VAR Sheet available to download.

Download History

Any previously downloaded VAR Sheets will appear in the table in the Download History section, which displays the following information:

Download History Table Column Name



The name of the merchant.

Terminal Name

The name of the terminal associated with the VAR sheet.

VAR Sheet

The name of the VAR sheet.

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