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Withdrawal Returns (F)

The Withdrawal Returns page displays a list of any transactions that were returned by the receiving bank following a withdrawal scheduled in the portal. On this page, you can view the reason for the return or access more information about a specific withdrawal return.

Navigate to the Withdrawal Returns page by clicking Withdrawals to open a drop-down menu in the Admin category of the left-hand navigation panel, then clicking Withdrawal Returns.

Withdrawal Returns Features

Click here to view the features of the Withdrawal Returns page.

Withdrawal Returns History Table

The Withdrawal Returns History table displays a list of any withdrawal transactions that have been returned to your account, including the following information:

Withdrawal Returns History Table Column Name



The name of the scheduled withdrawal.

Disbursement ID

The Payrix-generated ID associated with the disbursement.

Account Number

The account number that receives the withdrawal deposit.


The dollar amount of the withdrawal.


The date of the withdrawal.

Return Code

The reason for the withdrawal return.

Withdrawal Return History Action

To access more information about a specific returned withdrawal, click any information in the table row to open the Withdrawal Details page.

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