The Dashboard is the landing page for the Referrer Portal. It contains high-level account widgets that provide Referrer-level users with an overview of their account and options to perform basic actions.

Navigate to the dashboard by clicking DASHBOARD in the left hand navigation bar.

Partial view of the Dashboard showing the New Merchants, Account Balance, and Gross Sales panels.

Dashboard Features

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New Merchants Panel

The New Merchants panel is located at the top of the dashboard page, and contains the following information:

  • View your most recently added merchants and the date that they were boarded.

  • Access an account overview for a single merchant by clicking on any item in the table to open the Merchant Profile page.

Account Balance

Your account balance is shown at the top right hand corner of the Dashboard. To access more information about your account balance, click BALANCE DETAILS to open the Balance Details.

Gross Sales

The Gross Sales panel contains a graph showing information about recent sales. The Gross Sales panel is located below the New Merchants panel on the Dashboard page.

  • View total sales and transactions at the top left of the Gross Sales panel.

  • Visualize your sales and transactions using the graph view.

  • Adjust the date range by selecting a predefined or custom date range from the drop down menu at the top right hand corner of the panel. The default view displays the last 7 days. To view time of sale, set the custom date range to a single date.

New Payments

The New Payments table contains a list of the most recent payments accepted by your merchants, including dates and amounts. The following actions are supported by the New Payments Table:

  • Click any information in the row to view specific transaction information on the Transaction Details page.

  • Click the VIEW ALL icon to redirect to your Payments History page, where you can search your recent payments by individual merchants or transactions.

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