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Parameters (F)

The Parameters page displays a list of settings that control how your account accepts payments and fees. On this page, you can view your existing account parameters, or open the Add Parameters page to add, remove, or change parameters.

Navigate to the Parameters page by clicking Settings in the left hand navigation panel, and then clicking Parameters in the Business Settings section.

Partial view of the Parameters page, including the Parameters Table and Add Parameters Button.

Parameters Features

Click here to view the features of the Parameters page.

Parameters Table

The Parameters table displays a list of parameters and their current settings, including the following information:

Parameters Table Item Name


Min Payout Delay

The minimum number of days the payout will be delayed from date of request until it is processed.

Minimum Available Funds

The minimum available dollar amount of funds an entity must have. If the entity is below this threshold credit payouts won't be processed and a debit will be processed to bring the entity's funds up to this threshold amount.

Amex Enabled

Allows your users to accept AMEX payments.

Opt Blue Enabled

Allows your users to accept Opt Blue payments.

Discover Enabled

Allows your users to accept Discover payments.

eCheck Enabled

Allows your users to accept eCheck payments.

Visa 3DSecure Enabled

Allows your users to process VISA 3DSecure.

Apple Pay Enabled

Allows your users to process Apple Pay payments.

Funding Enabled

Allows your users to make withdrawals.

Vendor Fees Enabled

Allows vendors to create and assess fees on merchants or other users.

Vendor Fees External

Allows users to disburse vendor fees through an external facilitator operating account.

Account Verification Disabled

Indicates whether the account verification feature is enabled.

Verify For Boarding Not Required

Requires bank account verification before a merchant is boarded.

Verify For Payout Not Required

Indicates whether account verification is required before a user is allowed to make withdrawals.

Account Updater Enabled

Indicates whether payments will be checked for updates. Payments will be checked and updated if enabled.

Account Updater Frequency

The frequency to check for payment updates.

To add, change, or remove parameters, click the ADD PARAMETERS button in the top right hand corner of the page to open the Add Parameters page.

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