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Use Case: Board a New Merchant

You must board Merchants to allow them access to your platform for payment processing, receiving payouts, and Payrix Portal resource access. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to successfully board a new Merchant, and additional options to complete following successful onboarding.

Partial view of the Merchant Boarding Form page, including the About the Business section.


  • Successfully board a new Merchant with their bank account information.

  • Enable Portal access & payment processing for the new Merchant (following approval).


  • Facilitators

  • Referrers


  • Portal (Sandbox)

  • Portal (Production)



  • Your Referrer or Facilitator account must be fully boarded to perform any of the actions described in the use case guides.

  • Make sure you have access to the information required for the forms on the Add Merchants for Facilitators or the Add Merchants for Referrers page. The required Merchant information includes the following:

    • Owner information

    • Business information

    • Bank account information (including account and routing numbers)


Warnings will provide insight or advice to avoid issues related to risk, visibility, and overall product performance.

Warning: Do not board Merchants directly under a Facilitator (Partition) without first creating a Division. This can be named the same thing, but the same workflows, groups, etc won't apply unless they're formed under a Division. See the Understanding Divisions page for more information.

Warning: You can discard your changes and return to the Dashboard view at any time by clicking CANCEL ADD MERCHANT in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Note that doing so will delete any information that you have added to the form.

Warning: If you cancel during the “Add Bank Account” step, you will lose any information entered on the boarding page.

Warning: For bank account information submitted manually or otherwise requiring manual review, supporting documentation will be required for approval and can take up to 5 business days before funds can be accepted in the account. See the Bank Account Maintenance page for more information.


Tips will provide suggestions to streamline or better prepare you to apply this use case tutorial.

Reminder: The Merchant’s bank account and routing numbers are required to complete Step 4.

Tip: To navigate the Merchant Boarding form, you can click on any of the four STEP BOXES listed at the top of the page, or you can move forwards or backward between the steps by clicking GO TO STEP… in the lower right-hand corner of the page, or GO BACK TO STEP… in the lower left-hand corner.

When you navigate between form sections, the information that you have entered will automatically be saved when you navigate to a different section.

Additional Resources

Board a New Merchant

1: Open the Merchant Boarding Form

Navigate to the Add Merchants page to begin the onboarding process.

  • Step 1: Click MERCHANTS in the left-hand navigation panel to open the Merchants drop-down menu.

  • Step 2: In the left-hand navigation panel, click ADD MERCHANT to open the Merchant Boarding Form page. Alternatively, you can click the ADD MERCHANT button located in the top right-hand corner of the Merchants page to open the form.

Result: The Merchant Boarding Form opens the Facilitator's Merchant Boarding Form or the Referrer's Merchant Boarding Form, based on your access level.

2: Complete the Merchant’s Business Details

Enter information about the Merchant in the Merchant Business Details section of the Merchant Boarding Form.

  • Step 1: Enter information into the fields in the form section. The * indicates a field that is required.

  • Step 2: Once you have entered the information, click GO TO STEP 2 in the lower right-hand corner of the page, or click on one of the boxes at the top of the page to select a different section.

Result: The information you entered will automatically be saved when you navigate away from the section, and the next section opens on the page.

3: Complete the Merchant’s Platform Account Setup

Enter information in the three remaining sections as you did in the instructions above.

  • Step 1: Under “About The Owner, enter information about the sole proprietors or any individual who owns 25% or more of the business, as well as an individual(s) with significant responsibility.

  • Step 2: Under “Account Setup”, Check the box to indicate the Merchant Accepts the Terms and Conditions, and optionally enter the information.

  • Step 3 (Optional): If you use an existing Group for Merchant fees, billing, or other configurations, click the ADD NEW MERCHANT TO GROUP checkbox and select it from the revealed drop-down.

  • Step 4 (Optional): If you want to create Portal user login credentials for the new Merchant, click the CREATE LOGIN FOR MERCHANT checkbox, and provide all required information in the revealed form.

    • (Optional) When creating a login, you can apply a User Access Template from the form drop-down.

  • Step 5: Under “Add Bank Account”, add the Merchant’s bank account information for withdrawals and funding of fees.

Result: The information you have entered will automatically be saved when you navigate away from the section, and the next section opens on the page.

4: Add the Merchant’s Bank Account

When you are ready to complete the merchant boarding process, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the ADD BANK ACCOUNT step in the banner.

  • Step 2: Click ADD NEW MERCHANT in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to complete the boarding process, or click CANCEL ADD MERCHANT to cancel the boarding process.

Result: Once you have submitted the form, the Merchant will undergo an automatic risk review. This may be followed by a manual review, if applicable.

Next Steps

Once the Merchant is successfully boarded, follow the optional tutorials linked below to finish setting up the new Merchant account:


Once the risk review has been completed, the Merchant will be fully boarded and ready to process transactions.

Note: This is not the only method for boarding Merchants. A Facilitator may instead create a white-labeled signup form that can be sent directly to prospective Merchants. Open the Whitelabel Branding page to learn more.


Click the links or items below to access any of the following pages:

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