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Use Case Tutorials

Welcome to the Payrix Use Case Tutorials!

The Payrix Portal provides a collection of tools for users to process payments, withdraw funds, board new users, and undertake many other tasks that help you run your business. To help you efficiently use those tools, we have provided a series of tutorials with step-by-step instructions for performing specific tasks using the Portal.

Note: These tutorials are based on Payrix Portal use cases only.


To apply any use case tutorial, you must be fully boarded to the Payrix platform.

This means that your business has completed a signup form and been approved after all applicable risk reviews and underwriting.

Recommended Startup Resources

The following links will provide more information about getting started using the Payrix platform:

Click here for links to reference material for getting started on Payrix.

Compliance & Requirements

Learn the requirements for boarding to Payrix and best practices for the ongoing use of our products.

Boarding New Merchants

Learn more about the requirements and best practices for boarding new Merchants under your portfolio.

Payment Processing & Funding

Learn more about how payment acceptance & account funding work on Payrix, as well as understanding our fee structure and billing capabilities.

New to Payrix? Schedule a demo!

Contact our Sales team or complete the Sales Demo request form to have a demo scheduled at a time convenient for you.

Portal Guides

Take a tour of the Payrix Portal and learn about the pages and features you’ll use most to accomplish the provided use cases and other essential tasks.

Read the Portal Guides applicable to your Payrix account type for detailed information about the pages and features available to your business:

Use Case Tutorial Table of Contents

Use the instructions provided in Getting Started with Use Case Tutorials to indicate which tutorials will apply to you in the future.

The Use Case Tutorials section includes the following pages:

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